Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Eleven Paris SS13: Lenny Kravitz and Charlotte Free

He's one of the world's most famous rock stars. She's the supermodel everyone wants. The former, Lenny Kravitz, has personified and redefined an international 'cool' attitude for over 20 years, also mixing various musical genres in his 10 albums to make his own sound, showcasing his influences and influencing others in return. The latter, Charlotte Free, has quickly established herself as the new revelation of modeling, crushing stereotypes. Between this 19-year-old punk-like, Neo-Kate Moss, Los Angeles native and American musician, a modern Jimi Hendrix, the chemistry is natural.
It is with this strong modern vision that Eleven Paris has decided to launch it's Spring/Summer 2013 marketing campaign, with the collaboration of these leading iconic figures.
In order to create a balance between novelty, cultural diversity, and retro references, the photoshoot took place in Miami- crossroads of Cuban, Haitian and Afro-American communities. Under the burning Florida sun, modern art, cinema, literature, pop culture and glitzy Art Deco flourishes. For a good part of the day, Lenny and Charlotte posed in front of a decaying old home; the cosmopolitan spirit of the collection immaculately fit the spirit of the city.
An energetic attitude comprised of urban colours perfectly defines the term 'modern' in the world of Eleven Paris.
Photo credit: © Renaud Corlouër


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