Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Our Latest Addition

Hi, I couldn't resist sharing with you the latest addition to the Good Results family - please meet our newly adopted Giant Tortoise living on the idyllic island of Silhouette in the Seychelles.

Our client, the luxury resort of Labriz is the only property on Silhouette, it shares the island with a small village of just 85 inhabitants, and is the home of the Nature Protection Trust of The Seychelles. Here Ron Gerlach and his wife Gill are dedicated to the conservation of the Seychelles Giant Tortoise (amongst other endangered species), and as a huge fan of their work we make a donation to adopt a baby Giant Tortoise each year in the place of sending Christmas cards - much more fun and far more environmentaly friendly!

To read a little more about Ron's work please see a recent piece of coverage in The Times by clicking on the link below.


It costs £200 to adopt a Giant Tortoise for life, and it will out live us all - it is quite normal for them to live to over 100 years, if you would like one too simply send us a request from the contact us page.

Bye for now

Sharon x

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